Parents Are The Heaven And Hell Of The Children

It is related by Umaamah radhiyallahu anhu that (once) a person asked the Apostle of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam : "How much  is the claim of parents on their children?" "They are your Heaven and Hell" the Apostle of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  replied.

Ibne Maajah


It shows that if a person obeys his parents and attends to their needs and comforts and keeps them happy, he will attain Paradise. On the other hand, whoever is rude and disobedient to his parents and offends them by ignoring their feelings or causing them grief in any other way is detained to make his home in Hell.

The Good Pleasure Of The Lord Is Related
To The Good Pleasure Of The Parents

It is related by Abdullah Ibne Amr Ibne Aas radhiyallahu anhumaa that the Apostle of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  said: "In the good pleasure of the father lies the good pleasure of Allah, and, in his displeasure, the displeasure of Allah."


COMMENTARY: The purpose is that anyone who seeks to please Allah Ta'aalaa should earn the good pleasure of his father. To keep the parents well pleased is essential to the earning of the countenance of the Lord while the anger and displeasure of the father leads to His anger and displeasure. In this Hadeeth, the mother is not specifically mentioned, but as it is distinctly stated in the Tradition we are now going to discuss, the position of mother which is even higher than that of father, her pleasure or displeasure, will carry an equal

The Claim Of Mother Is Greate