'Eid a Harvest Day

Each 'Eid is a Harvest Day.

All the good workers in the service of Allah,

all the faithful believers reap the fruits of their good deeds on the Day,

as Allah grants His mercy and blessings abundantly.

The Islaamic society, on the other hand, collect the due subscriptions to religious brotherhood and social responsibility, in which subscriptions are paid in the form of mutual love, sympathy and concern. Every member of the Islaamic society will be reaping some fruits or collecting some revenue in one way or another.

Allah gives infinitely, especially to those who are sincerely concerned with the general welfare of their fellow believers. Those beneficiaries who cannot give will receive, along with Allah's enormous grants, the contribution to their fellow benefactors. The haves and have-nots will all enjoy the providence of Allah in a most plural fashion, and the Day will indeed be a Good Harvest Day.

'Eid a Day of forgiveness