The Aadaab Of The Host

  1. The host should not insist that the guest eats. This is contrary to the well-being of the guest.

  2. If there is need to serve more food, do not remove the utensil (in which there is still some food) from the presence of the host. Bring more food in another utensil.

  3. If the intention is to invite some of the associates of one's Buzrug (Shaykh, Ustaaz , etc.) along with the Buzrug, then do not ask the Buzrug to bring them along. It is disrespectful to extract service from him. Take permission from him and do the inviting yourself. The associate should also seek permission from the Buzrug before accepting the invitation.

  4. Be hospitable to the guest and tend to his needs and comfort. Feed him a sumptuous meal (within one's means) at least on one occasion. The guest has a right of three days.

  5. When sending food to the guest, ensure that it is covered.

  6. When the guest is departing, see him off until the door. This is Sunnah.

  7. The host should not overwhelm the guest with his continuous presence. He should leave the guest free. The guest should be left to eat as he pleases.

  8. People sometimes stare at the guest while he is eating, taking note of what and how much he is eating. The guest is irked by this behaviour.

  9. When the guest arrives, show him the toilets so that he is not inconvenienced if he suddenly has to answer the call of nature.

  10. As soon as the guest arrives, make arrangements for his eating. Whatever is easily available and could be prepared quickly should be arranged. If by the means, more sumptuous meals may be arranged later.

  11. Do not go out of your way in acquiring things for the guest. Whatever good things are easily available, make do with them. Do not be unnecessarily formal.

  12. The host should not merely deliver the food to the guest and leave thereafter. He should remain to see to the further needs of the guest. While keeping a watchful eye on the guest, the host should not stare at the guest nor make him aware of his attention. He should merely cast an occasional glance to ascertain whether the guest requires anything more.

  13. When there are two guests, treat them with equality.

The Aadaab of Khidmat (Service To Others)