Commentary of the Verse in the Books of Tafseer

This belief is supported by innumerable views of high ranking and God-fearing scholars in the study of the Qur'aan, the Ahaadeeth and the Islaamic Law. Many of these are accepted by the Qadianis too. To quote here all the quotations would take us too far afield. However, the page and references of some of the "Tafseers" are cited  for those who intend to seek more knowledge and information.

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  2. Allaamah Ibne Katheer in his Tafseer. (Page 89, Vol. 8).

  3. Allaamah Zurqaani in Sharh-e-Mawaahib. (Page 267, Vol. 5).

  4. Qaadhi 'Ayaadh in Ash-Shifaa. (Page 362, Printed in India).

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  6. Allaamah Aaloosi in Roohul Ma'aani. (Page 60, Vol. 7).

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  8. Allaamah Nasafee in Madaarik. (Page 370, Vol. 3).

  9. Allaamah Raazi in Tafseer Al-Kabeer.

  10. Qaadhi Baydhaawi.

  11. Aboo Sa'ood in his Tafseer.

  12. Al-Baghawi in Ma'aalim-ut-Tanzeel.

  13. Allaamah Suyooti in Jalaalayn.

  14. Nawwaab Siddeeq Hasan Khan in Fat'h-ul-Bayaan.

The Term "Khaatamun Nabiyyeen" According to the Arabic Language