1. If intent was made in the previous night then the fast of Ramadhaan on the following morning world be in order. If it was not resolved in the night to keep fast nor in the morning had any intention but when the day had advanced it struck to  him that not keeping an obligatory fast would be a sin and so resolved then, even then the fast is in order prodded nothing was eaten or drunk.
  2. If nothing has been eaten or drunk in the  morning, then the intent made an hour before mid-day would be in order.
  3. To keep the fast of the month of Ramadhaan only so  much resolve is enough that one is fasting that day or if went to sleep in the previous night intending to keep fast next day, the fast would be in order. The fast would also be in order even if the idea that it was the fast of Ramadhaan or an obligatory fast was not in mind.
  4. If  during the Ramadhaan anyone intended that  next day   he / She would keep a Nafl fast instead of an obligatory,  even then it would be counted as Ramadhaan fast.
  5. If anyone had omitted fast in the last Ramadhaan , and could not observe it till the next Ramadhaan came and kept with the intent of omitted fast, even then it would be a Ramadhaan fast and not an omitted one. The omitted fast should be kept after the Ramadhaan.
  6. One had vowed that  if he succeeds in. certain aim he will keep fast for Allah and during the month of Ramadhaan resolved to keep the fast of vow and not of. Ramadhaan then it which should be observed after Ramadhaan.  During the month of Ramadhaan whatever other kind of fast is resolved, it will always remain a fast of the Ramadhaan.
  7. If the new moon is  visible on 29th of Sha’baan, then fast should be observed next day. But if it is not visible on 29th  then no fast should be kept next day as it is prohibited according to Traditions. Fasting should begin after completing the 30 days of Sha’baan.
  8. If the moon was not visible on 29th of Sha’baan on account of clouds then  Nafl fast should not be kept next  day. But if one is used to keep fast on certain fixed days and the next day happens to be the same day, then a fast with intent of Nafl fast may be observed and if during the day the visibility of moon is confirmed from  somewhere else, then this fast will become a Ramadhaan fast.
  9. If the moon was not visible on 29th of Sha’baan due to clouds, then nothing should be eaten or drunk till an hour before mid-day and if the visibility of moon is confirmed from somewhere else, then the fast should be resolved but if it is not confirmed then eating etc. is allowed.
  10. If the new moon was not visible on the 29th  of Sha'baan then it should not be taken that as there will be no Ramadhaan next day and a postponed fast may be kept or a fast of a vow be kept. To observe  a postponed fast or a vow on that day is execrable. But if anyone keeps such a fast and the visibility of moon is confirmed, then the fast would be counted as Ramadhaan  fast and the postponed or the fait of a vow should be. kept after Ramadhaan. If the appearance of moon is not confirmed then fast will be as it was intended.