There are fourteen Waajibaat (Necessary Acts) in Salaat:

  1. To fix the first two rak'at of the fardh Salaat for Qiraa’at.
  2. To recite Soorah Faatihah in each and every rak'at (However, in the third and fourth rak'at it is Sunnah, not waajib).
  3. To recite a Soorah or one long verse or three short verses after Soorah Faatihah in the first two rak'at of fardh Salaat and in all the rak'at of waajib, Sunnah or Nafl Salaat.
  4. To recite Soorah Faatihah before any other Soorah or verse.
  5. To maintain proper sequence and order in Qiraa’at, Rukoo, Sajdah and all the rak'ats.
  6. Qaumah (To stand upright after rising from Rukoo).
  7. Jalsah (To sit up straight between both Sajdahs).
  8. Ta'dil-e-Arkaan (To perform Rukoo, Sajdah etc. properly with calmness).
  9. First qa'dah (To sit for the duration required for reading Tashahhud after two rak'ats in every Salaat consisting of three or four rak'ats).
  10. To recite Tashahhud in both qa'dah.
  11. For the Imaam, to recite Qiraa’at in an audible manner in Fajr, Maghrib, Ishaa, Jumu'ah, both 'Eids, Taraweeh and Witr Salaat of Ramadhaan and to recite silently in Zuhr and 'Asr.
  12. To terminate the Salaat with the words of Salaam.
  13. To say takbeer for Qunoot and to read du'aa for Qunoot in Witr Salaat.
  14. To say the additional takbeers in both 'Eid Salaats.