The Need for Mujaahidah

A'maal-e-Saaliha (righteous deeds) are always accompanied by labour, toil and difficulty because such A’maal are in conflict with the desires of the nafs. There will always be some form of opposition sometimes great, sometimes slight by the nafs against A’maal. Striving against the nafs is therefore a life-long process.

Both the Mubtadee and the Muntahee are at times faced with lethargy because of conflict in the A’maal. (Mubtadee a beginner in the Path of Tasawwuf. Muntahee one who has attained his goal in Tasawwuf. Both are in need to ward off their lethargy by means of Mujaahidah. However, the Mubtadee stands in greater need of Mujaahidah in the initial stages, he at times becomes over-confident. But, frequently natural traits and habits return and the consequence is an urge for sinning. The nafs of the Muntahee therefore also becomes lethargic at times in obedience. He, therefore, stands in need of Mujaahidah at such a time.

There is, however, a great difference between the Mujaahidah of the Mubtadee and the Muntahee. The Mubtadee is like one who is seated on the back of a horse just trained. The rider of the newly trained horse has to be much more alert and exercise greater control over the horse as such a horse tends to be more mischievous and is apt to go out of control. The Muntahee is like a rider seated on the back of a well trained horse. He exercises no great endeavor to maintain the horse under control. Nevertheless, he too has to be alert because even a trained horse sometimes reverts to mischieviousness because of its natural animal traits. But, the slightest warning from the rider is sufficient to check the horse. If, however, the rider is totally negligent then even the trained horse will sometimes suddenly drop him from its back. Thus, mujaahidah for the control of the nafs is necessary for the Muntahee also.

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