Allah Ta'ala states:

"He (i.e. man ) utters not a word, but a ready guard is at hand."

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

"He who maintains silence has attained salvation."

Ahmad, Tirmizi

Maalik Rahmatullah Alayh said that it reached him that Eesaa Bin Maryam Alayhis Salaam said:

"Do not speak in abundance other than Zikrullah, for your hearts will become hard. Verily, a hard heart is far from Allah, but you know not. And, do not look at the sins of people as if you are the overseers. Gaze at your sins as if you are slaves. People are of two kinds: the one who is involved (in sin) and the one who is saved (from sin). Have mercy upon those involved and praise Allah Ta'aalaa for protection (received)."


Abundance of speech hardens the heart thereby eliminating humility, and fear. This fact is established by experience. A person becomes distanced from Allah Ta'ala because of the hardness in the heart, but one fails to realize this drift from Allah Ta'ala. The reality of it will be discerned in the Aakhirat. Although the effects of such distance from Allah are detectable here as well, but due to unconcern one fails to realize this. One should not view, the sins of others as if one has been appointed over others, but on the contrary one should be concerned with one's own sins so that compensation could be offered and rectification adopted. Some people are involved in sin and others again have been protected from sin. One should have mercy upon those who have become involved in sin and not despise or criticize them. Admonish them with kindness and make du’a on their behalf. Protection against sins is a safeguard, hence one should not be vain and arrogant if one is saved from sin. On the contrary, one should consider such protection as a Nay'mat (favour) of Allah a favour to which one is not entitled and be grateful.

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