Allah Ta'ala says:

"Do not despair of the Rahmat of Allah..."

Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said:

"If even the Kaafir realises the extent of Allah's Rahmat (mercy), he (too) will not loose hope of Jannat."

Nature of Rajaa

Rajaa is the state of the heart's tranquillity which develops as a result of one's yearning for the desirable objects of fazl (Divine Grace), Maghfirat (forgiveness), Ni'mat (Bounty) and Jannat, while devising ways and means for their attainment. Thus one who remains in expectation of Rahmat and Jannat, but does not adopt the means of their acquisition, viz., a'maal-e- Saalih (righteous deeds), taubah (repentance), etc., will not attain the goal of Rajaa. He remains on the contrary in deception. He is like the one who Inspite of not sowing the seeds, expect p to reap the crop. He dwells in empty desire. The manner of acquiring Rajaa is to reflect about the vastness of Allah's Rahmat and His Munificence.

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