Allah Ta'ala says:

"He who is stingy is in fact stingy because of his nafs."

Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said:

"The miser is far from Allah, far from Jannat, far from people and close to the Fire."

Bukhl is to withhold spending when such spending is necessary according to the Shariat and in order to be kind. Bukhl has two stages:

  1. Contrary to the order of the Shari'ah. This stage is sinful.
  2. Contrary to kindness (Murawwat). This degree of Bukhl although not sinful is not good. Elimination of even this degree of Bukhl is commendable and meritorious.

According to the Hadith Shareef wealth spent to protect one's honour is also sadaqah (charity). Bukhl is a severe malady, hence Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam exhorted:

"Save yourself from Bukhl, for it has destroyed nations before you"

It does not, therefore, behoove a Muslim to be miserly. In being stingy one is paving the path to Jahannam. Bukhl in reality is the effect of love for wealth which directs man's attention to the world. The consequence of this is the weakening of the bond of love with Allah Ta'ala. At the time of death the miser looks on his wealth with regret and sorrow. He has to embark on his journey into the Aakhirah reluctantly and forcibly because in him there is no desire to meet Allah Ta'ala. According to the Hadith, the one who at death has no desire to meet Allah Ta'ala is a Jahannami (one who will enter Jahannam).


Remembrance of maut (death) in abundance expels the love of wealth from the heart.

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