Thoughts which cross the heart of man are called khawaatir (singular Khaatir). Such thoughts are at times virtuous and at times evil. These thoughts which occur to man emanate from different sources. Virtue is inspired into the heart sometimes by Allah Ta'ala, sometimes by an Angel whose name is Mulhim and sometimes virtue is whispered into the heart by even shaitaan. Evil assaulting the heart sometimes emanates from shaitaan, sometimes from the nafs and at times from Allah Ta'ala.

Pious inspirations from Allah Ta'ala serve the purpose of honoring one or for establishing some proof. The evil Khaatir which comes from Allah Ta'ala appears as a test and to impose some labour and effort on one. From the Angel Mulhim emanates always only goodness since this is his function. His function is to guide towards virtue.

Khaatir (virtue or the good thought) emerging from shaitaan is deception. He casts his trickery in the form of a good Khaatir, but in reality it is evil designed to divert one from a greater virtue by involving one in a lesser virtue. The purpose of evil emanating from shaitaan is to deceive and disgrace man,

Evil emanating from the nail is to mislead man and to prevent him from the truth. The good which issues from the nafs is extremely negligible. It is in fact comparable to shaitaan.

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