Munaasabat or congeniality is the relationship of affinity which the Mureed has with his Shaikh. This bond should be of such a degree that the Mureed entertains no rejection or dislike for any statement, act or condition of the Shaikh. This should be a physical condition of attachment in one's disposition. However, if one's munaasabat has not reached this degree of physical congeniality, it is necessary that it exists at least on the intellectual plane (Aqlee Munaasabat). The Mureed should find all acts and statements of the Shaikh likable and acceptable.

This Munaasabat is conditional for Bay’at. Great care has therefore to be adopted in this matter. Minus such Munaasabat, all devotional practices such as Mujaahidah, Riyaadhat, muraaqabah and Mukaashafah will come to nought. They will be devoid of benefit. In the absence of a tab’ee (natural and physical) munaasabat, the mureed should inculcate an Aqlee Munaasabat. Spiritual benefit to the Mureed rests on the existence of munaasabat.

In view of the overriding importance of munaasabat, one should not enter into the Bay’at allegiance if such munaasabat is lacking. The Bay’at will prove of great benefit after love and munaasabat have been cultivate.

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