FOREWORD to Signs of Qiyamah

The Qur'aan reminds us time and again that this universe has been created temporarily and at an appointed time it will surely be annihilated, "Everyone thereon will be annihilated and only the Countenance of your Mighty and Glorious Sustainer shall remain." The exact date and time of this event, termed as Qiyamah, is known to Allah Alone, "Verily Allah Alone has the knowledge of the Hour," (Qur,aan). The Quraan and the Hadeeth have however informed us about various signs which will occur prior to Qiyaamah and which will be indicative of the closeness of the event. It is indeed very unfortunate to note that despite having before us the various warnings and signs regarding Qiyaamah which have been mentioned by none other than Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam , and handed down to us via the authentic of the noble companions, yet certain people professing to be Muslims attach no importance whatsoever to these teachings. Instead, they show deep interest in the baseless vague predictions of some Kaafirs. Inaccurate and being capable of interpreted in various ways these predicitinos hold no Shari importance. It was because of this sad state of affairs which undoubtedly is the result of weak Imaan, that we are presenting  "SIGNS OF QIYAMAH", through which, it is hoped that the noble teachings of Our Belove Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam  are presented before us so that we may reform ourselves and attain eternal bliss.

FOREWORD to Major Signs of Qiyamat

 All Praise is to Allah Ta'ala , our Creator and Provider. Salaam on His best of Rasuls, Hadhrat Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam , the Universal Guide who expounded the Deen-ul-Islam which provides salvation in this world, the grave and the Aakhirat. Blessing be upon the Sahabah radhiyallahu anhu  who were living examples displaying the practicality of our beautiful Shariat.

 Man obtains knowledge and information via three basic sources viz.

1. The five senses .
2. Imagination and "Aql"  (Intellect).
3. Inner Illumination (Kashf , ilhaam, Wahee ).

These are various forms of spiritual inspirations:

"Wahee - Divine and protected revelation that is only granted for the guidance of mankind through the Ambiyaa (A.S.) and come in three ways:

1. "Wahy Qalbi" - related to the heart.
2. "Kalam-Illahi" - direct speech with Allah Ta'ala.
3. "Wahy Malaki" - via the angels.

(Faizal Bari p4-8 of Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri and Uloom-ul-Qur'an p31-32 of Moulana M. Taqi Osmani).

 Further "Wahy" can be divided into two types:

1. Matloo - often recited (Qur'aan).
2. Ghair Matloo - not often recited (ahaadith - Sayings of Rasulallah sallallahu alayhi wasallam ).

Kashf and illham are two separate entities. According to Imam Rabbani, Kashf is termed sensation while Ilham is closer to intuition. Ilham is more accurate than Kashaf because the latter is the lifting of the veil from something and the former is a direct inspiration into the heart. (Faiz-ul-Baari. Vol. 1 p19)

Imam Ghazali rahmatullahi alayhi states: "Kashf is bestowed on a pious person who is steadfast in Zikr. Piety is the gateway to Zikr and Zikr is gateway to Kashf" (Ihya-ul-Uloom. vol.3), whilst it is recorded in Faiz-ul-Baari vol. 1 p17 "What the Auliaa see through Kashf and the Ambiyaa via their insight while awake, cannot be seen by others".

However, in relation to dreams, Fatah-ul-Bari vol.12 p315 reads: "Dreams can be interpreted in a number of ways and according to certain rules. While every human being dreams, Ilham is vouchsafed only to the virtuous and chosen few".

Concerning the preditions etc. of non-believers, Allah Ta'ala says: "Lo! the devils do inspire their minions" surah 6 verse 122. This proves that the devil whispers into their hearts. Further Allah Ta'ala says: "Shall I inform you upon whom the devil descend! They Descend on the evil, sinful and false ones." Surah 26 verses 221/2. The inspiration of the devil is confined to those who are steeped in apostasy, heresy, and shirk.

The simple and fundamental guideline is: "Every Kashf, Ilham or dream shall be judged in the light of the Qur'aan and Sunnah and if contrary to the Qur'aan and Sunnah they shall be rejected."

 The Signs of Qiyamat thus form an integral part of Imaan. Rejection of it is Kufr.

 The Signs of Qiyyamat are divided into two sections:

  1. Minor: These are the signs from the birth of Rasulallah sallallahu alayhi wasallam to the time of the appearance of Hadhrat Imaam Mahdi.
  2. Major: These are the signs from the appearance of Imaam Mahdi to the Blowing of the Trumpet.

We pray to the Almighty Allah to grant us the taufeeq to awaken us from the deep slumber we are in and to shrug off the thick sheer cloak of neglect which presently enshrouds us and to take the responsibility to show the path of salvation to the whole of mankind.