The Signs of Qiyaamah

Hadhrat Imaam Mahdi alayhis-salaam

the signs of qiyamah

As Muslims, we are fortunate to have been given so much knowledge of the coming events as the Last Day (Qiyamah) draws closer. No other people have been blessed with such details of the future trials and events that will overcome mankind. While the prophecies in the Qur'an and those told to us by Muhammad (Peace be upon him) are already coming true as time unfolds, Muslims are either unaware or remain unserious regarding their value. Use this knowledge to prepare yourselves and strengthen your faith.
We must also admit that the end times certainly are very near by virtue of the many minor signs coming true (see minor signs page). Only Allah ta'aalaa Knows the exact occurrence of the events, but the signs He has blessed us with certainly confirm that we are on the verge of change. This is a matter to be taken seriously.