Rights Of Parents On Children

The Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam  has laid emphasis on the rights of parents and duties of children towards them, just as he has stressed the rights of children and duties of parents.

In the Qur'aan, the rendering of obedience to parents and showing kindness to them has been enjoined along with the Oneness and Worship of Allah in such a way that it appears that among human deeds, to obey the parents and treat them with respect and kindness is next only to Divine Worship. It is stated in Soorah Bani Israa'eel:

The Lord has ordained that you worship none but Him; and to show kindness to your parents. (17: 23 )

While describing the rights of parents at another place in the Qur'aan in Soorah Luqmaan, it is even stated that should the parents of anyone be Polytheists and want him, also, to follow their faith, he ought to decline to obey them, but still continue to behave towards them with justice and consideration.

What is told in the Traditions that follow is simply an elucidation of these commandments.

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