Endeavour to be Very Punctual in Fardh Salaat

Being on a journey is not the same as being at home. Things become a bit more difficult with the result that many Haajjee en route to Makkah neglect their fardh Salaat. Under no circumstances should this happen. Endeavour to be very punctual in this fundamental duty. Neglect of it is a great sin.
Salaat, Du'aa, Tawaaf and Tilaawat
Take great care and be punctual in the performance of all salaat with Jamaa'at whilst visiting the sacred places. Do not delay any salaat at all.
After every salaat beseech from
Allah Ta'aala that He grant you a Mabroor Hajj (one that is accepted and free from sin). A Hajj which is full of Allah Ta'aala's blessings and favours.
A Haajee is fortunate in being present at the various sacred places where du'aa are assured acceptance. Therefore repeatedly ask
Allah Ta'aala for your needs of this world and the Hereafter. Your du'aa must be appropriate and made with respect and humbleness. Do not ask for meaningless and unrighteous things.
There are three persons whose du'aa are assured acceptance; the oppressed, the traveler and the father's du'aa for his son, (meaning children).
The Qadhaa (fulfillment in arrears) of Ibaadaat which are owing to
Allah Ta'aala should be correctly fulfilled or compensated.
The reward for one salaat in the Masjid-ul-Haraam (Makkah) is 100,000 fold (with Jamaa'at 2,700,000). The reward for salaat in the Masjid-un-Nabawi (Madinah) is 50,000 fold. Each good deed done in Makkah is equivalent in reward to 100,000 good deeds done elsewhere.
Whenever entering either of the two Masjid or any other Masjid, form a niyyah for Nafl I'tikaaf.
Your stay in the Masjid-ul-Haraam and Masjid-un-Nabawi must be with utmost dignity and honour.
Perform as many Tawaaf, Umrah and Nafl salaat as you can and make du'aa that the Thawaab (reward) of this be presented to
Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.
Complete the Holy Qur'aan at least once in each of the two Holy Masjid, i.e. Makkah and Madinah.
Perform Nafl salaat with the niyyah of expressing one's gratitude to
Allah Ta'aala.