1. If anyone ate something in forgetfulness or indulged in sexual inter-course and thinking that his fast is disrupted ate deliberately, then his fast is disrupted and only compensatory fast and not re-compensation will be due. But if one knows the rule and after eating something in forgetfulness deliberately breaks his fast, then in case of sexual inter-course re-compensation will be due and a compensatory fast in case of eating only.
  2. If  any one vomits without intention or has a wet dream or is discharged on seeing a woman and due to ignorance of law presumes that his fast is broken and eats something deliberately then only compensatory fast will be due and not re-compensation. But if one knows the law that fast is not disrupted by an involuntary act and still breaks his fast, then re-compensation will also be due.
  3. If a man inserts something in his penis and as it does not reach the root, then the fast will not be disrupted.
  4. If any one committed sexual inter-course with a deed  woman or with a minor girl who does not excite passion or with an animal or embraced or kissed anyone or masturbated and in all these instances semen came out, the fast will be disrupted but re-compensation will not be due.
  5. If anyone committed inter-course with a woman forcibly  or in madness or when she was asleep, then her fast is disrupted and no re-compensation is due, while on man re-compensation is  also due.
  6. If any person who is liable to fast in all respects after resolving to fast in the morning deliberately puts something in his mouth which is used as food or medicine and it goes to the stomach even if it is equal to a linseed or commits or agrees to be subjected to intercourse or commits sodomy in all such cases both compensatory fast and re-compensation are due. In sexual intercourse entering of the. top of the penis is sufficient, coming out of semen is not essential.
  7. If anyone oils his hair or uses Kuhl in eyes or a man inserts something dry in his excretion hole and its end remains out, then because these thing do not reach the stomach the last will not be disrupted and neither compensatory  fast nor recompense will be due.
  8. Those who smoke Huqqa habitually or for some benefit during a fast, then compensatory fast and re-compensation both will be due.
  9. If a woman subjects herself to sexual inter-course with a minor or an insane, then compensatory and re-compensation both. will be due on her.
  10. In sexual inter-course it is not necessary that man and woman both should be sane. If one of them is sane and the other insane, then compensatory fast and re-compensation both will be due on the sane person.
  11. Fast will not be disrupted due to a wet dream and if the fast is kept without bathing. In the same way it will  not be  disrupted  if semen came out on seeing the private part of a woman or just by thinking.
  12. Fast is not disrupted if a man enters some oil or water with a syringe or otherwise in his penis though it may reach the bladder.
  13. No harm occurs in a fast if one cleans the teeth with a wet or dry Miswaak (tooth stick).
  14. It is execrable to embrace or kiss a woman if there. Is apprehension of discharge of semen of may commit sexual intercourse under force of passions. If  there is no such apprehension then it is not execrable.
  15. It is execrable to suck the lips of I woman or to bring together the private organs in a naked state without indulging in sexual intercourse whether there is an apprehension of semen discharge or not.
  16. If  resident person starts on a  journey after  resolving  to fast and after a while comes back to home to take something left behind and breaks his fast there, then recompensation will be due on him as at that time he was not in journey although he did not went back to stay or did stay.
  17. If recompensation was due for any cause other than sexual inter-course and while one recompensation was not discharged when another became due, then one recompensation would be enough for both though they be of two different Ramadhaan. But in case of disruption of fasts due to sexual inter-course then if they are of one Ramadhaan only one recompensation will be enough, but if they relate to two different Ramadhaan, then  recompensation for each would be essential even if the first recompensation has not been met.