1. If some fasts have been missed for some recompensations, they should be kept after the Ramadhaan as soon as possible otherwise it will be a sin to delay them without any legitimate cause.
  2. While intending  for missed fast it is  not necessary to specify the day and date of missed fasts, but only as many fasts should be observed as have been missed. But if fasts of two Ramadhaans have been missed, then it should be specified of which Ramadhaan it is the missed fast and should intend that the missed fast of that year is being kept.
  3. It is essential to resolve for a missed fast in the previous night. If it is not resolved till morning then the fast would be a Nafl fast and the missed fast will remain due and should be observed.
  4. The above rule applies to a compensatory fast also that is unless it is resolved from the last night it will not be accomplished.
  5. All the missed fasts may be kept in one contimation or in instalments both ways are correct.
  6. If the missed fasts of one Ramadhaan were not kept yet and the next Ramadhaan came, then the fasts of this Ramadhaan should be observed and the missed fasts of the previous Ramadhaan should be observed after rid. But it is bad to delay them so long. .
  7. If during Ramadhaan  anyone became unconscious in the day remained so for three days, then only two missed fasts should be observed and the fast of the first day is not necessary as that day's fast has been accomplished because of resolve. But if he was not fasting that day or some medicine was given to him which went down the throat, then the fast of that day will also become due.
  8. If one became unconscious at night, then fast of the day is not missed but only the fasts of the day on which he remained unconscious thereafter  will be due. But if it intended to fast that day or some medicine has been taken, then the fast of that day; too, will become due.
  9. If one remained unconscious throughout the whole of Ramadhaan, then all the missed fasts should be kept and it should not be presumed that these fasts have been remitted. But if anyone became insane and remained so during the whole month of Ramadhaan  then no compensatory fast will be due and if he regained sanity on any day during Ramadhaan. Then he should begin to keep fast from that day and should also offer the missed fasts later on.