1. In an intent for a Nafl fast whether it is specified as Nafl fast or merely a fast, then the intent would be in  order in either case.
  2. To resolve for a Nafl fast till one hour before mid-day is in order. If there was no intent to keep a fast till 10a.m. and up to that time nothing was  eaten or drunk and now resolved to keep a fast and kept it, then the fast is in order.
  3. Other than  the month of Ramadhaan any number of Nafl  fasts may be kept on other days. They will be rewarded according to their number. Fasting on 'Eid  day and the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth of Zilhijjah i.e. five days in the whole year, is prohibited.
  4. If anyone vows to keep a fast on Eid day then the fast of that day is not proper and it should be kept on some other day.
  5. If anyone  vowed to keep fasts for the whole  year and that he would not leave any  day, even then the fast should not be kept on the five prohibited days and compensatory fasts for these five days should be kept.
  6. A Nafl fast become essential after resolve. If one resolves in the morning to keep a Nafl fast on that day but broke it later, then a compensatory fast is necessary for him.
  7. If one resolved in the night to keep fast next day but before morning  changed his mind and did not observe a fast then compensatory fast is not essential.
  8. A wife should not keep Nafl fast without the permission of her husband. If she has kept fast, then she should break it if the husband asks her to do so and she may fast later when the husband allows her.
  9. If any one went as a guest somewhere or invited to dinner and there is apprehension that if he would not dine the host would be displeased then Nafl fast may be broken. In the same way for the sake of guest the host and other members of this family may broke their fast.
  10. If anyone  resolved and kept a Nafl fast on the tenth day even then he should break it and no compensatory fast would not be due.
  11. It is highly appreciable to keep a fast on the tenth of Muhrram. It has been reported in the Traditions that one who keeps a. fast on this day  then his sins of the last year are forgiven.
  12. The fast on 9th of Zilhijjah has great merit and on account of it the sins of past one year and future year are forgiven. It is appreciable if the- fasts are kept from the 1st to month of Zilhijjah.
  13. To keep fast on the 15th of  Sha'baan and the six Nafl fasts after Eid have great merit.
  14. If -anyone fasts an the 13th , 14th  &. 15th of each month, it would be as if he has kept the fasts for the whole year. The Holy Prophet  Sallallahu alayhi wasallam used to keep these fasts and also on every Monday and Thursday. It is of great merit if any one has the courage to keep these fasts.