1. The compensation (Kaffaarah) of breaking a fast of Ramadhaan is to fast continuously for two months-keeping in instalments is not proper. If due to some reason a fast is missed in the middle, then it should be started again for full two months. But if a woman's fasts are missed during the recompense period due to menses, then recompense will not be affected by it and after being clean she should start again to complete sixty fasts in all.
  2. If some fasts of a woman during this period were missed due to after-birth discharge and could not keep the sixty fasts then the recompense is disturbed and she should fast again for full two months.
  3. If some fasts of recompense were missed due to some illness, even then one should begin again after recovery and keep fast for sixty days.
  4. If the month of Ramadhaan came during the period of recompense, even then it would be disturbed.
  5. If anyone is weak and does not possess the  strength to keep sixty fasts at a stretch, then he should feed sixty poor persons morning and evening to their full satisfaction i.e. as much as they can eat.
  6. If there are small children among those sixty people it is not proper. Others should be fed instead of them to make up the number.
  7. If the  food consists of wheat bread, then mere bread can be given, but if it is of barley, millet etc. then some curry should also be given with it.
  8. Instead of feeding it is also permissible to give grain to the poor but its quantity for each person should be equal to Sadqa-e-Fitr will be described with description of Zakaat.
  9. It is also permissible to give the price of so much of grain.
  10. If anyone asked someone else to give recompense on his behalf and that person fed the poor or gave them grain, then the recompense will be discharged. But it will not be met if it is given by someone else without his instruction.
  11. If one poor was fed for sixty days morning and evening or grain or its price was given to him for sixty days, then the recompensation is discharged.
  12. If the poor were not fed continuously for sixty days and some days were missed in between, then there is no harm and it is in order.
  13. Giving of sixty day’s  grain to poor man at a time, is not proper and in order. In the same way, if one poor is given sixty meals the same day,. it would not be in order and proper and same is the case of  price of grain-it will be counted as one and fifty nine poor should be fed or paid again. It is not proper to give more than one day's meal, grain or price to one poor.
  14. If any poor man is given less than the Sadqa-e-Fitr, then the recompensation will not be wet.
  15. If more than one fast have been missed of the same Ramadhaan, then one recompensation is enough for all, but if they relate to two different Ramadhaan, then recompensation for each Ramadhaan should be given separately.