There are thirteen compulsory acts for Salaat. Seven of them are to be observed before entering Salaat which are also called Sharaa'it-e-Salaat (Conditions of Salaat):

  1. The body must be clean and pure.
  2. The clothes must be clean and pure.
  3. The place where the Salaat is performed must be clean and pure.
  4. The satr (hiding of nakedness, which in men consists of the parts of the body from the navel of the calf and in women the whole body excepting face, hands and feet) must be covered.
  5. Performing Salaat within its prescribed time.
  6. To face towards Qiblah.
  7. To make intention.

The remaining six are those which are in Salaat:

  1. To say the Takbeer-e-Tahreemah.
  2. Qiyaam (Standing upright in Salaat).
  3. Qiraa'at (to recite at least three Aayah of the Holy Qur'aan along with Faatihah).
  4. Rukoo (to bow the head and the body in prayer).
  5. Both the Sajdah (to bow in prayer so as to touch the ground with forehead).
  6. The last qa'dah (to sit on knees in the Salaat).