Important Notes For Intending Pilgrims

Do not delay the Fardh Hajj
Learn The Details and Masaa'il Of Hajj
Niyyah (Intention)
Acquire Halaal and Pure Money
Seek Good Companion
Make Taubah and Seek Forgiveness From All Concerned People
Arrange To Pay All Debts and All Responsibilities
Take with you Halaal Earnings
Perform Two Rak'at
Give Something in Charity
Meet all Your Friends and Relatives
Appoint a Ameer (Leader)
Spend With Generosity
Avoid Sinful Acts
Endeavour to be Very Punctual in Fardh Salaat
Salaat, Du'aa, Tawaaf and Tilaawat
Travel as a Lover Travelling to the Beloved
Remain Hopeful for Acceptance

Do not delay the Fardh Hajj
Allah bestows His Favour on any fortunate person to perform Hajj, he should not delay at all in the execution of that duty; particularly the Fardh Hajj. Under no circumstances should it be postponed unnecessarily, because this only affords Shaytaan the opportunity to involve one in unnecessary activities which will keep him so busy that the journey to the Blessed Places is postponed or cancelled.

Learn The Details and Masaa'il Of Hajj

It is compulsory for a person who wishes to perform Hajj to learn the necessary Masaa’il well before the time of Hajj. When a firm intention is made then first learn the necessary Masaa’il, or acquire these from a reliable and recognized Aalim (scholar).
It is the duty of every intending Haajjee to learn the details and Masaa'il of Hajj. Ibne Ameer-ul-Haajj rahmatullahi alayh writes that for a Haajjee it is of great importance to learn everything he is required to do before proceeding for Hajj, during Hajj, and after Hajj, as
Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  has made it obligatory on every person to seek knowledge. For this reason it is necessary that one should learn all that which is fardh, Sunnah, Makrooh and haraam in Hajj.