Elementary Obligations of Parents
Rights Of Parents On Children


Saying of Azaan  in the ear of a new-born child
Aqeeqah  (Part 1)
Aqeeqah  (Part 2)
Aqeeqah  (Part 3)
Tasmiyah (The Giving of Name)
Good Breeding and Religious Up-bringing
 Importance of showing kindness to daughters
Equality between children
Responsibility of marriage

Rights Of Parents On Children

  1. Rights Of Parents On Children
  2. Parents Are The Heaven And Hell Of The Children
  3. The Good Pleasure Of The Lord Is Related To The Good Pleasure Of The Parents
  4. The Claim Of Mother Is Greate
  5. Unfortunate is he who is not regardful of needs and comforts of his aged parents
  6. Service Of Parents Is Preferable Even To Jihaad In Certain Circumstances
  7. Heaven Lies Under The Feet Of The Mother
  8. Service Of The Mother Can Atone For Major Sins
  9. Even An Infidel Or Polytheist Mother Has A Claim To Kindly Feelings And Sympathy
  10. Special Rights Of Parents After Their Death
  11. Worldly Advantages Of Showing Kindness And Obedience To Parents
  12. Disoedience And Cruelty Towards Parents Is A Most Grievous Sin